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Bloody Nightmare Stage (LINK) by KohakuUme6
Bloody Nightmare Stage (LINK)

First, I say link instead of download because I had nothing to do with it. I just found it.
Second, I fucking love this stage so I NEED to share it
Lastly, this person has a LOT of other cool stages. You'll probably enjoy those too.
The angel has taken flight by KohakuUme6
The angel has taken flight
I don't know what's going on here. One thing led to another and then this happened.
I mostly wanted to make Tifany an elegant angel. I think I did it

Tifany - :icontifany1988:
Wings - :iconsatanicflower:
Stage - :iconzido:
Effects used - Greener Shader and Falling glass
Since people are doing this, I figured I'd do the same just 'cause... I'm not going to go over EVERYTHING because it's a lot.

It hasn't rained yet by KohakuUme6
First Deviation of the year :la: also part of...
Reality Lost (models DL) by KohakuUme6
...the first models download of the year too!

Haircut? by KohakuUme6
Gave her a haircut and I've stuck with it

Kingdom Hearts Teen Female Base by KohakuUme6
Remake of the first ever KH base (original made July 2, 2013)

Kingdom Hearts Teen Male Base by KohakuUme6

And then the male base


Team52 DL by KohakuUme6
Remade all of Team52 (finally)

Users' Choice - Stay or go? by KohakuUme6Users' Choice Results - Kre/Kohaku by KohakuUme6
Users' choice of pairing for Kre and results

Happy Birthday YukiSaphira! by KohakuUme6Happy Birthday Tifany1988! by KohakuUme6
Happy Birthday Silith2002! by KohakuUme6And some January birthdays


Happy Birthday Kazuki9484! by KohakuUme6
Kazuki's B-day :3

Lux v2 by KohakuUme6
Remade mine and my friend's OC Lux

UTAU Aoko Chou by KohakuUme6
Made an UTAU and ended up deleting the files on accident D:

Vanitas Pack Download by KohakuUme6
Gave out the Vanitas pack (with lazy posing...)

KH Girls Bases DL by KohakuUme6
And this base pack

Luca - Download by KohakuUme6
And then Luca

New(er) KH Female Base by KohakuUme6KH Female Elf Base by KohakuUme6KH Mermaid Base by KohakuUme6Beast/Vampire KH Base by KohakuUme6

Fixed up the base and added different types. :iconchochoyatori: fixed the torso because the boobs looked like they sagged.

Gifts by KohakuUme6
I just really like this...

Bumping Shoulders by KohakuUme6
Made this and I'm still proud :3

OLD MAN Xehanort by KohakuUme6
And then there's this, which was fueled by living with annoying old people.


Girl in White by KohakuUme6
First model of May and when I really started using GIMP

Dirge of the Fourteenth by KohakuUme6
I had finally gotten around to finishing the edit of :iconsorasprincesss:'s armored Xion model

KH1 Female Base by KohakuUme6
And the first KH1 girl base (and I have yet to make a boy...)

MMD Casket DOWNLOAD by KohakuUme6
Casket I made by scratch. Yes, I'm morbid. Pretty sure anyone else who wants to be a mortician is.

Senpai will not notice... by KohakuUme6
And I was bored


APH OC - Slovakia by KohakuUme6
Made a Hetalia OC just for fun

Dark Aqua DL by KohakuUme6
I'm still proud of this :D

I tried... o.o'' by KohakuUme6
Tried editing hair for the first time

Kohaku Bio by KohakuUme6
Gave Kohaku an updated bio

Ienzo V.2 DOWNLOAD by KohakuUme6
Made my Ienzo model HP >w<

Male Base V2 by KohakuUme6Male Elf Base by KohakuUme6Merman Base by KohakuUme6
Updated the male KH base and made different kinds

I was really bored by KohakuUme6
Nothing to say here

Fade by KohakuUme6
Proud of this

Doll, the Reaper by KohakuUme6
Gave out Doll. Made fixes later and never gave out the update...


Mission: Save Sora! by KohakuUme6
No comment

Happy Birthday! by KohakuUme6
Temmie's B-DAY

Kingdom Hearts X [chi] Station of Awakening by KohakuUme6
Made after playing Kingdom Hearts X [chi] for several hours

KH Style Ellen by KohakuUme6
Made her because she stole my name...

Possessive by KohakuUme6
Kinda starting shipping that a bit...
And this a bit more...
Defeat by KohakuUme6

Her Butler, Perplexing by KohakuUme6
And then started shipping that after :icondarkshadownin: wrote this for my birthday:…

NaShiKai Swimsuits by KohakuUme6
And I made these.

Impressed? by KohakuUme6
And then this XD

Stand Back! by KohakuUme6
And I'm proud of this

Angel Kohaku (v2) by KohakuUme6
Made just because

Formal Namine DL by KohakuUme6
And I really like this

New hair by KohakuUme6
Changed Excorsene's hair and her eye texture. Haven't given it out yet...

And then I made some this when I had a toothache
Retreat! by KohakuUme6
I'm a chicken... But I eventually I got it done!


Sims rip! Yay! by KohakuUme6
Learned how to rip stuff from the Sims 3! :D

For the Glory of Despair! by KohakuUme6
No comment here

Eight (Contest Entry) by KohakuUme6
Made her for :iconlexalice:'s contest. I wanted an excuse to make a character like her XD

Happy B-Day HakuMizuki! by KohakuUme6
Haku's birthday! (I used this as a desktop background for a few weeks XD)


The thing I found by KohakuUme6
Gave a bit of a background on Excorsene and Gunin. (Still need to make a bio for them both)

Kairi (random dress) DOWNLOAD by KohakuUme6Xion (Casual) DOWNLOAD by KohakuUme6
Not much there...


Have Some Models by KohakuUme6
Gave out all these
And these:
Punk Kairi DOWNLOAD by KohakuUme6Xion (some sorta outfit) DOWNLOAD by KohakuUme6Selphie (Dot Dress) DOWNLOAD by KohakuUme6Fuu (Casual) DOWNLOAD by KohakuUme6Olette (Dress) DOWNLOAD by KohakuUme6
Shiro (Deadman Wonderland) DOWNLOAD by KohakuUme6Final Fantasy style Kohaku DOWNLOAD by KohakuUme6Kairi (Short Dress) DOWNLOAD by KohakuUme6
Xion (Winter) DOWNLOAD by KohakuUme6


And there were some things I started and never finished like...
When did I...? by KohakuUme6Still a work in progress by KohakuUme6Video WiP by KohakuUme6RPG WiP by KohakuUme6
Wondered - Alice by KohakuUme6Off with her head! by KohakuUme6SRK Posed by KohakuUme6
But stuff happens so I forget to finish these things.

And since I first signed up for DA, I've:
- made over 1000 Deviations
- had over 70,000 pageviews
- and have about 550 watchers

And there's a LOT of people to mention because I've come to have a lot of really good friends. Some I've known since I first joined DA and some new ones. To be honest, I don't think I can name them all, even if I know all their names... TT_TT (I might come back with a list, but it'll be long...)


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Artist | Hobbyist
United States
A crazy all-around artist XD
Fanfic account -…


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